THE NAKID LABEL is an independent line of hand-formulated natural body oils designed to perfume & moisturise the skin with ingredients derived from Mother Nature. Huile de Fleur, meaning 'Oil of the Flower' pays homage to the botanical extracts used to create each of our blends.

Every single Body Oil is hand-formulated, manufactured, dispensed, packed, labelled and boxed out of a small-scale studio space in the beautiful Yarra Valley, east of Melbourne, Australia.

This one woman band was founded in 2016 by Kristy, a qualified beauty therapist, with completed studies in Cosmetic Chemistry and Aromatherapy. Kristy is the founder, owner, formulator, brand and package designer, web developer, and everything else in between as well as juggling my two little ones, Saylor and River. 

"I have always created things for myself, my friends and family so putting my products to the Australian market was the next step for me, albeit a lengthy one. I had just returned back home from a 5 month stint around Europe and going back to a full time office job was not something I could see myself doing any longer. I did enjoy working for a prestige day spa after graduating from my studies, but my love for the industry just wasn't in treatments. I really wanted to challenge myself and be completely hands-on in all aspects of the business. THE NAKID LABEL allows me to share part of myself and what I love all within a glass bottle."

THE NAKID LABEL prides itself on being a small batch business using only natural & vegan ingredients.